English Age Network - the positive voice of older people

Our services

We maintain that by working with us, policy makers and decision takers will provide better-designed strategies and services that will function more efficiently and more cost-effectively. No one knows what it is like to be old except the old themselves.

What we stand for

EngAgeNet will promote a positive, anti-discriminatory and non-stereotyped view of ageing across society.
We also stand for an intergenerational approach - working with other age groups to establish sustainable solutions.

How we work

Representatives from each of seven regional forums will form part of our governance structure. Local forums will work with groups and forums in their region to help them participate - ensuring their voices will be heard at both local and national levels.

Who we are

The founding members of EngAgeNet, their organisations and contact details.

EngAgeNet is a new national organisation that will enable the direct voices of older people across England to be heard by those who create and deliver the policies, strategies and services that affect their lives.

Based on the long-established English Regional Forums on Ageing, the network already embraces local groups and individuals with an estimated reach of over 300,000 older people.

Our ambition is to expand this substantially by welcoming other groups, forums and individuals who share our aims and provide a unique resource for the public, private, third and academic sectors to tap into the opinions, knowledge and experience of older people.

Our unique offer to the public, private, third and academic sectors

EngAgeNet provides an opportunity for genuine engagement through a body with no political affiliations, commercial interests or agenda other than seeking to improve the quality of life of older people.

Our long-term relationships with local groups, forums and affiliates allow us to function differently from any other representative body to reach those whose voices are often ignored.

We can directly access the views and input of people across the complete spectrum of society with direct experience of ageing… of all political persuasions and from diverse ethnic, religious and socio-economic groups. This includes “hard to reach” individuals and those not online.

The English Forums on Ageing have a long track record of collaborating with local, regional and national bodies to inform decision making. Our new network builds on this to provide informed individuals across the country willing to take part in surveys, focus groups and facilitated meetings.