Our Services

We live in an ageing society, and the pressures and opportunities this presents demands a sea change in the way many services are delivered.

We maintain that by working with us, policy makers and decision takers will provide better-designed strategies and services that will function more efficiently and more cost-effectively. No one knows what it is like to be old except the old themselves.

We can help:

  • Government, health bodies and local authorities to fulfil their equality obligations when developing and implementing policies in areas such as health, social care, transport, employment, benefits, housing and digital inclusion.
  • Businesses to address “ageing workforce” issues and better understand the needs and aspirations of older consumers.
  • Charities and agencies to focus their efforts on the challenges facing older people AND find out how best to harness their talents and energy for volunteering.
  • Academics and think tanks to access the diverse expertise, experiences, opinions and concerns of older people.

We can do this through:

  • Focus groups, surveys and research collaboration
  • A current estimated ‘reach’ of over 300,000 older people
  • A panel of expert speakers and commentators on key issues