What we stand for

EngAgeNet will promote a positive, anti-discriminatory and non-stereotyped view of ageing across society.

We believe in collaborative working – engaging all sides of society to work together towards common benefits. As part of this we will work closely with charities and other support groups operating in the later life zone.

We also stand for an intergenerational approach – working with other age groups to establish solutions that will be fair to all and sustainable for the future.

Speaking up for older people: EngAgeNet calls for a new narrative

We believe that if society is better informed about the value and contribution of older people, and hence more willing to draw on their experience and wisdom, there is a greater likelihood of much needed change in social policy and of a more ‘age friendly’ approach on the part of the business community.

To achieve this, the way older people are represented and portrayed needs to be corrected. We are committed to driving a narrative that will:

  • Challenge the perception that ageing and longevity is a socio-economic problem and that people in later life are a burden on the rest of society;
  • Celebrate the ageing process, the contribution made by older people and the achievements that have resulted in more of us living longer and healthier lives;
  • Confront the negative portrayal of older people and the underlying ageism within wider society;
  • Contribute to a better understanding of the real implications of an ageing population in a changing society, recognising that ageing and longevity are intergenerational issues, with younger and older people needing to develop a shared vision of ageing well.

We offer informed, non-partisan comment to the media on issues, regionally and nationally, based on our “constituency” of older people throughout the country.

We can also provide experienced speakers at conferences and to represent older people at parliamentary committees.

Communications officer:
Tony Watts OBE, Chair of the South West Alliance on Ageing, [email protected]